Crackdown on cycling in Marlowes

Image to illustrate a police crackdown on cycling in a pedestrianised areaDuring half term we're teaming up with local police to tackle the problem of nuisance cycling through Marlowes in Hemel Hempstead town centre. 

We will be educating cyclists about the dangers they pose if they ride in the pedestrianised area of Marlowes, where cycling is prohibited. 

New signs are being installed to inform residents that cycling is prohibited in this area. Information will also be publicised on social media and OWL - a Neighbourhood Watch online information broadcast. Community protection notices may be issued to people who continue to cause a nuisance by cycling through this area.

Councillor Neil Harden, Portfolio Holder for Residents and Corporate Services, said: “We do not want to discourage cycling in Hemel Hempstead as we recognise that it’s a healthy and environmentally friendly mode of transport. However, cycling in the Marlowes pedestrianised area is prohibited. This is an important issue of public safety as residents have raised concerns that they are fearful of being injured in a collision with a cyclist. 

“We’ll be raising awareness of alternative cycling routes (using Bridge Street and Waterhouse Street) to enable cyclists to use their bikes to travel through the town, whilst avoiding Marlowes. If people wish to cycle and skateboard on traffic-free paths, they have other options such as Gadebridge park and skatepark, and the Nickey Line.”

You can find out more information about community protection notices on our cycling page.

Watford Cycle Hub will also be carrying out free cycle health checks in Bank Court, Hemel Hempstead town centre on Friday 17 February between 11am and 2pm.