A dozen homes recovered for local families

In the first three months of this year, we've taken possession of 12 homes that had either been abandoned, sublet or the tenants had run up large debts - sometimes thousands of pounds in unpaid rent.

In one case it was discovered that the tenants owned another property elsewhere. These homes can now be allocated to housing register applicants in greatest need. 

We're committed to making the best use of our housing stock to provide homes for local people who need them most. We take action to recover homes from tenants who move out and sublet their council home or have a second home that they could live in themselves. 

We support families who are genuinely struggling to pay their rent and help them to stay in their homes.

Mark Gaynor, Director of Housing and Regeneration, said: Our main aim as a social housing provider is to ensure that we make best use of our homes for people with a local connection to Dacorum. If tenants move out or run up large debts over a long period we will take action to recover the property and allocate it to a housing register applicant. We believe that we need to take this robust but fair approach to make sure that tenants make their agreed rent payments and live in our properties as their main home.”

If residents know of any council-owned homes they believe may have been abandoned or are being sublet, they can contact us in confidence by emailing or by calling 01442 228000. 

For more information about paying rent and what to do if you are struggling to keep up with regular payments, visit our Tenant Handbook page.