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Gadebridge, Warners End and Chaulden

Gadebridge, Warners End and Chaulden are in the east of Dacorum and neighbour the wards of Grovehill, Hemel Town Centre and Boxmoor. Gadebridge, Warners End and Chaulden Neighbourhood Action Steering group covers two electoral boundaries - Gadebridge, and Chaulden and Warners End.

Your councillors

Chaulden and Warners End

Graeme Elliot - Conservative
Fiona Guest - Conservative
John Whitman - Conservative


Maureen Flint - Labour
Roger Taylor - Conservative

Consultation results

The results from this consultation will be used to help us improve and shape Neighbourhood Action in the future. 
In total 304 surveys were completed by the end of the consultation period, which ran from 12 May to 28 July 2014.  The results, specific to your area are below.

  Neighbourhood Action Consultation 2014 Gadebridge, Warners End and Chaulden (PDF 589KB)

Agenda and meeting notes

  Meeting notes 20 January 2014 (PDF 108 KB)

  Agenda 17 March 2014 (PDF 164 KB)
  Meeting notes 17 March 2014 (PDF 108 KB)

  Agenda 19 May 2014 (PDF 125 KB) 
  Meeting notes 19 May 2014 (PDF 119 KB)

  Agenda Public Meeting 14 July 2014 (PDF 122KB)
  Meeting Notes Public Meeting 14 July 2014 (PDF 152KB)

pdf file Agenda 13 October 2014 (PDF 124KB)
pdf file Meeting Notes 13 October 2014 (PDF 143KB)

pdf file Agenda 19 Jan 2015 (PDF125KB)
pdf file Meeting Notes 19 Jan 2015 (PDF160KB)

pdf file
 Agenda 16 March 2015 (PDF72KB)
pdf file
 Meeting Notes 16 March 2015 (PDF108KB)

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