Elections 2015

UK Parliamentary elections, together with local elections for borough, town and parish councils in Dacorum, took place on Thursday 7 May 2015.


 Statement regarding count not starting within four hours (PDF 111 KB)


Three elections took place and below are the notices setting out the elections and the candidates who stood in each area.

 Statement of Persons Nominated and Notice of Poll - Parliamentary (PDF 23 KB)
 Statement as to Persons Nominated - Borough (PDF 107 KB)
 Statement as to Persons Nominated - Parish (PDF 92 KB)
We are responsible for running all elections in Dacorum, except for those properties that fall under South West Herts Parliamentary constituency. Those Parliamentary elections are run by Three Rivers District Council, details can be found on the elections page of its website.
 Notice of Election for the Borough of Dacorum - 7 May 2015 (PDF 26 KB)
 Notice of Parish and Town Council Elections - 7 May 2015 (PDF 26 KB)
 Notice of Parliamentary Election - 7 May 2015 (PDF 72 KB)
 Polling Stations - 7 May 2015 (PDF 63 KB) 
 Election Agents (PDF 11 KB)
 Dacorum Borough - notice of poll and polling stations (PDF 165 KB)
 Town and Parish councils - Notice of Poll and situation of polling station (PDF 92 KB)

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For more information, please contact Electoral Services.
Telephone: 01442 228071
Email: elect-reg@dacorum.gov.uk