Development Management Committee


The Development Management Committee is made up of 14 members.

The committee:

  • determines (decides) planning applications under the Town and Country Planning Act;
  • determines applications for the protection and preservation of trees;
  • exercises Highways powers (for example, Rights of Way) that have been delegated from Hertfordshire County Council under an agency agreement.

Committee membership

Development Management Committee Membership
Conservative Party  Liberal Democrat Party  Labour Independent
Cllr Bateman Cllr Tindall Cllr Fisher Cllr Maddern
Cllr Birnie    
Cllr Clark    
Cllr Conway    
Cllr Guest (Chairman)    
Cllr Matthews      
Cllr Riddick    
Cllr Ritchie    
Cllr Whitman    
Cllr C Wyatt-Lowe (Vice Chair)      


Cllr Bassadone Cllr Link    
Cllr Imarni Cllr Ransley    
Cllr Mills    
Cllr Peter