Moving out of Dacorum

This form should only be filled in if all of the adults in the property are moving out of Dacorum. Otherwise, please use one of the following options:

  • If you are moving into another property in Dacorum, you can tell us about your new address when you complete our Register for Council Tax form.
  • If you are the only adult remaining in the property and you want to claim the 25 per cent discount you are entitled to, please complete the Single Occupier Discount form.
  • In other circumstances, where the number of people living in the property or their status has changed (for example, someone has become a student), please email

Your details

If you have overpaid your Council Tax we will use these details to contact you about a refund.

Your account

Details of the adults moving out of the property

If there are multiple addresses, please put them in the same order as the names of the adults that they apply to. We need a forwarding address to send you the closing bill for your account.
What was the reason you left the address

If there was a gap between you moving out and the tenancy ending or the property sale being completed, how was the property left

New occupier(s) or landlord details

Name, address, email and/or telephone number
Type of tenancy (if rented)

Additional information