Register for Council Tax form - tenant

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I will fill in the following information correctly and to the best of my knowledge. I understand that knowingly providing false or misleading information is fraud, and a criminal offence for which I may be prosecuted.

I also understand that my information may be shared between Council departments, with central government and other partner organisations to coordinate services, verify my identity, prevent fraud and protect public funds in accordance with the law.

If you fall behind in your payments we may use your mobile number to send you a reminder text in addition to the formal warning letter.

Details about the property you are registering

The property was let as

Paying your bill

How would you like to spread out your Council Tax payments?

We recommend choosing a 12 month payment option to make budgeting easier and reduce your monthly bills. The total that you pay over the year will be exactly the same under both options.

Details about the adults who are (or will be) living at the property

You must list all adults over 18, including yourself, who are living at the property. If you run out of space, please provide the extra information in the box at the end of this form.

If your name is on a tenancy agreement with your landlord then you are a tenant. Tenants' partners (married, in a civil partnership, or cohabiting) are legally jointly responsible, even if their name is not on a tenancy agreement.

Adult 1 (You)

For example, Mr or Miss
This person is

Single person discount

If you are the only adult occupier of the property, and would like to claim the single person discount, please tick the box:

If you would like to provide more information relating to the single person discount, please use the 'Other information' section at the end of this form.

Adult 2

For example, Mr or Miss
This person is

Adult 3

For example, Mr or Miss
This person is

Adult 4

For example, Mr or Miss
This person is

If there are any more tenants, please give us their details in the 'Other information' section at the end of this form.

Who owns the property?

My landlord is

You do not need to fill in the following questions if you are a tenant of Dacorum Borough Council.

Your previous address

You only need to fill this section in if your previous address was also in Dacorum.
If there is a gap between the dates above, how was the property left during this time?

You only need to answer the following three questions if your last address was also rented:
Your previous address was let as:

Other information


Once you have registered you will receive your Council Tax bill in the post within 14 days, or we will contact you if we have any further questions. When you receive your bill and have your account number, you can visit our website again to set up payments by Direct Debit.