Housing register

The housing register is our register of people who would like to live in a council or housing association home. To apply to be on the housing register you must be 18 or over.

If we accept you on our active register you will be able to view and apply for properties that you are eligible for.

Applying for properties is often referred to as ‘bidding’ on properties. If you are not on the register you are not able to bid.

Social and housing association housing is in very high demand and there is not enough to house everyone who would like this type of housing. If you are thinking about applying to the housing register we suggest that you speak to our housing needs team to get a realistic idea of how likely you are to be made an offer of housing. If this is not a realistic housing option for you, you can get more advice on meeting your housing need.

Applying to the housing register

For more information, see applying for a home.

To apply to the housing register, please visit the Moving with Dacorum website

If you are accepted then you will be allocated a number of points depending on your circumstances. This is explained in our Housing Allocations Policy (see below). Properties are offered based on housing need. We represent housing need by awarding points.

Housing Allocations Policy

The  Housing Allocations Policy (PDF 1MB) sets out how we prioritise applications for council and housing association homes based on your circumstances and level of housing need. The policy helps us to make sure that council homes go to people in greatest housing need. We do not discriminate and we make the best use of our resources. 

We reviewed the Housing Allocations Policy in 2022 and made some changes to the way we allocate council housing. We carried out extensive consultations with tenants, residents, staff and councillors to make sure that we continue to make best use of our housing stock. These changes took effect from Monday 4 July 2022. 

Further information

For more information, download our  Bedroom standards leaflet (PDF 508KB).