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Please contact us if you are looking for advice about your housing options. Call 01442 228000 and ask for 'Housing Needs'.

If you think you may be eligible for a council home, please read our  Housing Allocations Policy (PDF 1MB) before you apply to make sure that you have the best chance of being housed. The policy helps us make sure that council homes go to people in greatest housing need. We do not discriminate and we make the best use of our resources.

We reviewed the Housing Allocations Policy in 2022 and made some changes to the way we allocate council housing. We carried out extensive consultations with tenants, residents, staff and councillors to make sure that we continue to make best use of our housing stock. The new policy was adopted on Monday 4 July 2022.

Apply and bid on properties

To apply to the housing register and bid for properties, please use our website:

Moving with Dacorum

Medical forms

We are no longer issuing paper forms for applicants to complete. Instead, please complete our online medical form below.

Please note: we have 28 days to provide a written outcome of the medical assessment.

Complete the medical assessment form

More information

For more information about our Housing Allocations policy review and the eligibility and bidding process, please see below:

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  • How does the review affect me?
    • The changes to our policy will apply to all active applications
    • We expect to finish making all the changes by the end of July 2022
    • You will not need to make a new application
    • We will make any changes to your application and your number of points may change
    • You may need to give us more information to make sure that your application is up to date, but we will tell you if this affects you
    • Your registration date will remain the same
    • Your log in details will remain the same.

    What do I need to do?

    • We are advising all applicants to check that all information on their housing application is accurate and up to date
    • It’s easier to manage your application online – this helps avoid unnecessary delays and keeps your information up to date
    • Please make sure that you tell us about any change in your circumstances
    • It’s easy to upload your documents straight on to your application and this helps us to deal with you promptly 
    • If you no longer need your housing register application, please contact the Housing Needs team so that we can help other people sooner. 

    How will the changes affect me?

    • Your points may increase or decrease
    • Some applicants will no longer qualify to join the housing register
    • We are updating our medical assessment form and process: 
      • If you have a long-term medical condition that affects the type of home you need, you must complete our online form
      • It’s easy to upload your supporting evidence
      • If you are unable to complete our online form, please consider asking friends and family to help you
      • If you still need help to complete the online form, please contact the Housing Needs team.  
    • We have removed any applicants who: 
      • Have been on our active register for two years or more but have not bid on any homes during that time.
      • Have been suspended from the active register and:
        • are not on the direct offer list
        • have not actively engaged with the service for two years or more. 
  • Policy changes

    We have reviewed our Housing Allocations Policy to make sure that we are making best use of our housing stock. There are some key changes that applicants need to know about. We have put together some information to answer the questions we are often asked when we make changes to this policy. If you would like to find out more, please visit our Housing Register information page.   

    Financial means

    Applicants will not now qualify to apply for social housing if they have the financial means to meet their own housing need. We define this as the applicant and/or their partner having a greater annual income that the limits set out below, or £16,000 or more in savings.  (The only exception to this is for current or former members of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces who have received a lump sum as compensation.) Annual earnings limits: 

    • One-bedroom/studio property £40,000
    • Two-bedroom property £50,000
    • Three-bedroom property £60,000
    • Four-bedroom property £60,000.

    These limits do not apply to applicants who have a need for supported housing. Supported housing applicants who have a capital of £400,000 will not be eligible to apply.   

    Unacceptable behaviour

    Applicants subject to certain legal orders will not be considered to qualify, and will not be accepted on the housing register for a period of one, three or five years. The serious action or legal proceedings and the timescales when applications will not be accepted include but are not limited to:

    • Current non-molestation order/ occupation order (one year)
    • Current restraining order (five years) 

    Village connection

    When shortlisting for village properties, we have amended the length of time that the applicant must have lived in the village. The requirements for local connection to Dacorum remain the same, but the residency requirement for village connection has reduced from 10 years to a five-year residency within the village at some point in their lifetime. 

    Supported Housing moves

    • An existing tenant aged 60 or over in General Needs bedsit or one-bedroom accommodation in Dacorum may apply to move into Supported Housing. 
  • Points changes

    Homeless applicants

    • If you are placed into temporary accommodation, you will be awarded ‘temporary accommodation points’ - 10 points. (However, applicants will not receive any points for sharing, overcrowding or flats without a lift whilst living in temporary accommodation.)
    • Applicants living at The Elms Hostel who have effectively engaged with support workers, have no licence breaches and no rent arrears at The Elms will be awarded 5 points.
    • Applicants who have moved into ‘move-on’ accommodation through The Elms, following a satisfactory move-on assessment will receive 10 points

    Sharing kitchen and/or bathroom facilities

    A household living in a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) will be awarded 15 points


    • We have reviewed and updated our  Bedroom Standards (PDF 1MB) to reflect the changes to the Housing Allocations Policy. Some applicants with children may now receive fewer points, but this remains in line with the Government’s bedroom standards.
    • We consider overcrowding to occur when an additional person does not have a bed space, if one bedroom is allocated to each:
      • Married or co-habiting couple
      • Adult aged 18 years or more
      • Pair of children aged 0 - 16 years of the same sex; 
      • Pair of children aged 10 years regardless of sex. 

    20 points per lacking bed space. Any applicants living in a bedsit and who are overcrowded will receive 5 points in addition to those listed above. 


    • 30 points per bedroom if applicant wants to downsize to a General Needs property
    • 50 points per bedroom if applicant wants to downsize to a Supported Housing property

    Medical grounds

    • The policy now includes an additional 75 points for "very high medical needs". 

    Welfare grounds

    • The policy now includes an additional 75 points for "very high welfare needs". 

    Children in flats

    • We have lowered the age at which we will take into consideration children in flats (first floor and above) where no lift is available from nine years to five years. However, we will only award these points when another housing need exists. 

    Pre-tenancy training

    • We have removed these points from applications. All pre-tenancy training is now compulsory for applicants aged under 60 years. 

    Length of time on the Housing Register

    • We no longer award points for length of time on the Housing Register and have removed these from existing applications. 

    Management reasons

    • At our discretion, housing management can award points as an additional priority. In the rare circumstances that these points will be used, the number of extra points must be agreed by two housing managers. 

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