Two Waters Masterplan

In conjunction with consultants BDP, we are preparing a masterplan for Two Waters - the area between Apsley railway station, the Plough (Magic) roundabout and Hemel Hempstead railway station. This follows on from the adoption of the Two Waters Strategic Framework by Cabinet in November 2015.

The Masterplan will help ensure that development and changes in the area, including housing, business, open space, transport and community services, are planned and designed in the best possible way to ensure we have an attractive, sustainable and balanced town fit for the future. It's hoped that this Masterplan will initially be developed as an informal planning statement, and then be adopted as a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), as part of the review of the new Dacorum Local Plan, expected around 2019.

The draft Masterplan Guidance was approved for public consultation by Cabinet in June 2017. You can comment on the draft document on our Current consultations page until midnight on 16 August 2017.

Following the consultation, comments received will be considered and incorporated where appropriate and, following any amendments, the final Masterplan Guidance is expected to be presented to Cabinet and Full Council for approval at the end of 2017.

The current draft Masterplan has been informed by two previous rounds of public and stakeholder consultation, as well as meetings with stakeholders. Reports from these rounds of consultation can be downloaded below. A copy of the full consultation statement to date is also available on our Current consultations page.

Round one (held between 4 and 5 November 2016)

For further details, please see our  Two Waters Masterplan Consultation - Frequently Asked Questions (PDF 233KB)

Round two (held 26 January 2017)

Two Waters Strategic Framework

 Two Waters Strategic Framework final report (PDF 2.5MB) 
 Two Waters Strategic Framework final appendix (PDF 8MB)

The Two Waters Strategic Framework has been created to help guide interest and give a clear vision for the area. It only acts as a first step in setting out broad principles. The controlled development and regeneration of the Two Waters area of Hemel Hempstead is vital to the overall well being of Dacorum. The Two Waters area is located at the southern edge of the town centre by the Plough (Magic) Roundabout, with Hemel Hempstead railway station to the west, and Apsley railway station to the east. There is currently an eclectic mix of land uses around the edges of Two Waters, including residential, light industrial, retail and community uses, and a large swathe of valuable recreational land in the centre, owned and managed by the Box Moor Trust.

Hemel Evolution

In November 2011, Cabinet agreed to forge ahead with the project, dubbed Hemel Evolution, which aimed to put the ‘new’ back into new town.

You can find out more about the improvement plans and progress on the Hemel Evolution pages.

Gade Zone Planning Statement

On 24 April 2012 Council's Cabinet approved the  Gade Zone Planning Statement (PDF 369 KB)

The planning statement guides the broad policy, development and design for the Gade Zone in Hemel Hempstead town centre. It takes account of existing and emerging planning policy and will help inform and guide prospective developers on the potential opportunity to comprehensively redevelop this area of the town centre.

Hemel Hempstead Town Centre Masterplan

The  Hemel Hempstead Town Centre Masterplan (PDF 6.7MB) was adopted by Full Council on 16 January 2013. It is now used as a material planning consideration.

If you would like a hard copy (£10 each) or CD version (£2.50) please contact Jo Deacon, Strategic Planning and Regeneration team on 01442 228366.

The Dacorum Development Programme 2011-2015

The  Dacorum Development Programme 2011 - 2015 (PDF 1046 KB) brings together all our existing regeneration programmes and actions. The action plans will be updated annually against progress to show if projects are moving forward, stalling or changing, or to include any new projects that come forward.

Hemel Hempstead Station Gateway Feasibility Study 2011

A feasibility study for the regeneration of Hemel Hempstead railway station has been prepared. This includes land adjacent to the station car park and its immediate context, which includes commercial and residential properties along London Road.

 Hemel Hempstead Station Gateway Feasibility Study 2011 (PDF 9.45 MB)