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The Grovehill journey 

The launch

The journey to creating a Grovehill Neighbourhood Plan began on 10 December 2011, when local residents and businesses came together at a launch event. Over 100 people visited Grovehill Community Centre that day to share their thoughts on how Grovehill should change over the next ten years.

Findings from the launch

The survey carried out during the launch day highlighted a number of positive aspects about living or working in Grovehill and a number of opportunities which would make the area even better.

Already good 

  • The strong sense of community and community spirit.
  • A good location and bus routes.
  • Lots of open space and easy access to the countryside.
  • The range of shops and other services including the surgery, dentist and community café.

The opportunities

  • Facilities around Henry Wells Square could be modernised and updated, including the car park and the area to the rear of the shops.
  • There could be more small business units for local people.
  • Ongoing maintenance and improvement would help, including litter picking, improved lighting and a facelift for the shops.

Design workshops – March 2012

Two design workshops were held in March 2012 with local residents and businesses. 

Designating the Neighbourhood Area

In September 2012, the group submitted a letter to us to request a six-week public consultation that would allow us to officially acknowledge the Neighbourhood Plan area. The consultation ran from 1 October to 12 November 2012.

In December 2012, after considering the comments received during the consultation period, we accepted and officially acknowledged the Neighbourhood Area for Grovehill.

 Grovehill Future designated neighbourhood area - decision notice (PDF 82 KB)
 Grovehill Future designated neighbourhood plan area - approved map (PDF 342 KB)

The Neighbourhood Forum

The next step in creating the Grovehill Neighbourhood Plan was to create a Neighbourhood Forum. The group submitted an application to us in October 2013, and in February 2014 the application was granted.

 Grovehill Future Neighbourhood Forum - decision notice (PDF 158KB)

To find out more, go to our Neighbourhood Forum page. 

Vision and Themes

 Grovehill Future Project vision and themes (PDF 3.14MB)

The Issues and Options

Between 22 September and 24 October 2014, the Grovehill Futures group consulted with local residents, businesses and community groups on its Issues and Options document, which outlined a series of ideas and objectives that will help form the Grovehill Neighbourhood Plan. The responses will be used in the next phase of the plan - a draft Neighbourhood Plan.

For more details, please see:

 Issues and Options Consultation (PDF 7MB)

 Grovehill Futures - Issues and Options consultation results (PDF 1.1MB)