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Plough Zone

bus going round the Magic Roundabout

This zone is focused around the Plough Roundabout, also known as the Magic Roundabout. It is an important gateway to the town centre and includes the former Kodak site with its residential and commercial uses.

Our objective for this zone was to enhance the environment, improve pedestrian and cycle access (working with Hertfordshire County Council) and create better connections between Heath Park and Marlowes shopping area.

The Plough roundabout at nightMagic roundabout

One of the most iconic features of Hemel Hempstead, the Magic Roundabout was constructed in 1973 and for its 40th anniversary in 2013 we gave it a birthday present of coloured feature lighting.

The lighting is on from dusk until dawn and highlights one of the main gateways into Hemel Hempstead, enhancing the night-time atmosphere.

Health Park from aboveHeath Park

We've now also finished most of the improvements to Heath Park, next to the Magic Roundabout. We replaced old footpaths to improve the pedestrian flow around the park and link entrances to subways, bridges and the crossing on Station Road.

We also installed new benches and signs, and have replanted the flowerbeds, including spreading 25,000 bee-friendly bulbs alongside the River Gade, overlaid with 260 square metres of wildflower turf to create a colourful meadow.