Take our Love Food, Hate Waste challenge

Love Food Hate Waste challenge

In November, the annual Dacorum Love Food, Hate Waste Challenge will return for its sixth year.

Annually, UK households waste 4.5 million tonnes of edible food, which amounts to around £700 for an average family per year.

As well as the cost, this is a huge waste of resources and additional methane produced when the food enters the waste system. This matters because methane is a potent greenhouse gas up to 80 times more powerful than carbon dioxide.  

Whether you feel like you waste very little food or you are conscious of your food waste habits and would like to learn how to tackle these, we encourage all Dacorum residents to sign up to this year’s challenge.

The challenge provides regular guidance in the form of top tips to help you limit avoidable food waste in your day-to-day life, recipe ideas and a food waste diary to keep track of your progress. Residents who participate in the challenge and complete both the pre-challenge and post-challenge surveys will be entered into our prize draw to win an eco-friendly food storage set worth more than £40.

Last year’s challenge saw more than 120 Dacorum residents complete the challenge, 83 per cent of whom said it helped reduce food waste in their household and 98 per cent said they were likely to share what they’d learned with their friends or family.

One of last year’s participants said: “Everyone should participate in this challenge. It really made us think about our food consumption, our meals and portion sizes. We’ve started to look at food packaging and storage and we’ve tried new recipes to look at what needs using up. We have reduced how much we are throwing away and it’s made us conscious of putting scraps in the correct bin."

The Dacorum Love Food, Hate Waste Challenge will run from Monday 1 November to Monday 30 November 2021. To register, email with your full name and address by Sunday 31 October.

You can find more information about the challenge on our Love Food, Hate Waste page