Monsters on a Mission

Monster Munch - Boxmoor ReceptionIn September, we launched the Monsters on a Mission scheme, a fun way to promote food recycling in the borough.

We provided food caddies to all primary schools in the borough, along with teacher guides, resources and monster feature stickers so the class could decorate their caddy and create their own Teacher’s Pet monster. They were given the class mission statement ‘Feed the Teacher’s Pet to help save the planet’.

Food waste which goes in the general waste bin breaks down and produces methane, a harmful greenhouse gas around 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide and contributes to climate change.

However, when food waste is separated into the correct bin and recycled, it is converted into biogas. Biogas can help power the National Grid which helps reduce reliance on fossil fuels and therefore has a positive impact on reducing carbon emissions. It also produces fertiliser which is used on local farms to support healthy crops.

For these reasons, food waste recycling is really important to get right which is why the Monsters on a Mission scheme was launched.

The engagement from Dacorum Primary Schools has been fantastic with the classes getting enthusiastically involved. Some classes told us they wrote creative origin stories for how their Teacher’s Pet came into existence, some created signs and posters and one class told us they plan to write to Boris Johnson about the issues of food waste and climate change.

All the photo entries can now be seen on the Dacorum Borough Council Facebook page where it possible to vote for ‘your favourite Teacher’s Pet Monster’. Voting closes on Halloween, Sunday 31 October 2021. The winning school will receive eco-friendly goodies worth up to £250 and all schools that entered will receive eco-themed goodies too.

You can vote for your favourite on our Facebook page.

Find out more on our Schools recycling service and resources page