We provide a large range of services to protect, manage, maintain and enhance the local environment and streets. Use the links below to find out more.

  • Bins and recycling
    All of our information on rubbish and recycling collections, waste education and re-using items.
  • Clean, Safe and Green 
    Our teams each look after a separate area, covering everything from litter picking and streets to cutting grass, trees and woodlands.
  • Hertfordshire County Council's Highways service
    Maintenance of roads, road safety, passenger transport, winter maintenance, road drains, street lights, white lining. All these services are managed by Hertfordshire County Council.
  • Landscape and Recreation
    Children's playgrounds, public parks, allotments, sports pitches and pavilions.
  • Licensing
    Find out which activities need a license, how to apply for one and any current licence applications.
  • Parking Services
    Parking enforcement, car park management and maintenance, controlled parking zones.
  • Environmental health
    Pest control, noise, clinical waste, drainage, food premises inspection and licensing,entertainment, event and alcohol licensing, health and safety, taxi licensing, anti social behaviour, CCTV, vehicle seizure notices, environmental action.
  • Climate change and sustainability
    Find out about climate change and sustainability, including what we're doing to minimise our environmental impact and what you can do to help.


Warning signWe will be collecting bins from roads where it is safe to do so. Please leave your bins out for collection. If your bins have not yet been collected, leave them on the boundary of your property and we will collect them as soon as conditions allow. ×