Service charges 

Your service charge

As your landlord, we are responsible for keeping the main structure of the building and the shared areas in a satisfactory condition, carrying out maintenance, repair and major work where needed.

Service charges cover the cost of this maintenance and repair work. The cost is split fairly between all of the flats in the block (as shown in your lease). 

The rent we charge our tenants contains an amount to cover the costs of maintaining and repairing the building. Your service charges do not pay for services we provide to council tenants. Depending on the type of property you live in, your service charge could cover services such as lift maintenance and clean of shared communal areas.  

Ground rent

Ground rent is the charge you pay once a year for renting the land. The charge is set within your lease at £10 for 125-year leases and £20 for 99-year leases, and will not change for the length of the lease. The full amount is due on 25 March each year, but you will have 60 days (from the date on the bill) to pay this.

Spreading the cost of your service charge

If you would like to spread the cost of your service charge by making interest-free payments, please call 01442 228000 and ask for 'Customer Accounts'.

Clear landings

We now charge for removing items from our communal (shared) areas in blocks of flats. Items left on stairways and in communal areas (for example, doormats) can cause slips, trips and falls. Bags of rubbish and some other items may also be a fire hazard. We have a duty as your landlord to ensure residents’ safety by keeping escape routes clear.

Any items left in communal areas will be removed, and the resident(s) responsible will be charged £40. This covers the cost of our staff and vehicle.

Personal items will be stored for one month to give residents a chance to collect them. However, items that are clearly rubbish will be disposed of immediately. All items will be photographed before removal.

We do appreciate the cooperation of our residents in keeping communal areas clean and free of rubbish and personal belongings.

For more information about clear landings and safety in communal areas, please see our factsheet:  Tenants' Handbook - clear landings (PDF 301KB).

Buildings insurance

We are responsible for arranging insurance cover for the building you live in. Under the terms of your lease you must have this buildings insurance and we will send you a bill for the insurance premiums each year, along with a summary of the cover.

This means that you do not have to arrange buildings insurance, but we do suggest that you take out contents cover for your possessions.

The insurance policy provides cover to repair loss or damage to the structure of your home (inside or outside) as a result of a specific event such as fire, storm, water damage or vandalism. It does not provide cover for general maintenance or wear and tear.

For example, if the inside of your leasehold property is damaged by water coming through from the flat above you, you can make a claim under the buildings insurance policy to cover the cost of repairs to your property.

If a shared part of the building is vandalised, we will claim for this under the buildings insurance, and we will not charge you for the repair. Please report acts of vandalism to the police and get a crime reference number. We will need the crime reference number to process the insurance claim.

Please contact our Insurance team to make a claim or check the details of the cover.

Phone 01442 228000 and ask for 'Insurance'.

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