Transparency and open data

Our commitment

As an organisation we understand the importance of being open and transparent about the decisions we take and how and where money is spent.

Transparency improves local accountability and it makes it easier for people to challenge and shape their public services.

Our approach

The 2015 Local Government Transparency Code sets out a number of key principles that councils must follow to ensure they publish information in a way that is helpful and relevant.

It also outlines a number of key data sets, which are going to be of most interest to residents.

We've used this code as a starting point but, where possible, we will go further to ensure that as much information as possible is in the public domain. 

Quarterly information 

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In February 2019, as part of our commitment to learning and improving the way we work, we invited the Local Government Association (LGA) to carry out a corporate peer review of our strengths and areas for improvements.

The peer review explored our understanding of place, partnerships, leadership, capacity and service delivery.

The LGA report highlighted many positive findings on what we do well and what we’ve achieved. It also contains recommendations on where we could be doing things differently to improve outcomes for local people.

The peer review is a useful reminder of what we need to do to ensure that we’re in the best shape to be able to deliver our long-term strategy.

Work is now being done to identify how the LGA recommendations can be best implemented.

Full details are available in the  Local Government Association Peer Review Report (PDF 265KB).