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If a car is legally taxed and insured, it can be parked on the public highway provided that:

  • there are no parking restrictions in force
  • it isn't causing an obstruction (for example, parked in a narrow road preventing traffic from passing).

Our Parking Service enforces waiting restrictions, processes Penalty Charge Notices, manages and maintains our 25 car parks and maintain waiting restriction infrastructure which is supported by a Traffic Regulation Order.

If a vehicle is causing an obstruction, please report it to the police by calling 101.

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Dropped kerb enforcement

What we can do

We can issue Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) to drivers who park on the public highway next to a dropped kerb.

To report the obstruction of a residential driveway that has a dropped kerb, please call our parking contractor (Saba Park Services) on 01908 223505 or email and provide your name and address. We will then try to get a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) to the location to take enforcement action.

It must be for the resident to contact us if the vehicle is parked on the road obstructing their dropped kerb, and you must confirm your name and address. You will also need to sign a consent form when the CEO visits.

Please note: if this permission is not given or if the resident is not present for any reason, then no action will be taken. Equally, a penalty will not be issued if the vehicle is parked close to the dropped kerb but not physically preventing a vehicle from coming or going.

What we can't do

We do not have the power to remove vehicles. If you believe a vehicle is causing an obstruction or you are unable to exit your driveway outside of the Parking Service hours (8.45am to 5.15pm, Monday to Friday) then you should contact the Police using the non-emergency 101 telephone number.

There are various exemptions to dropped kerb parking enforcement. We will not be able to enforce the following:

  • Vehicles parked wholly within a designated parking place or any other part of the carriageway where parking is specifically authorised
  • Vehicles used by the fire, ambulance or police services
  • Vehicles that are used for loading and unloading
  • Vehicles used for waste collection, road works, sewage works, utilities works

Please note: a CEO is only able to enforce on the public highway, not on private property.

Controlled Parking Zones

If you live within a residents' Controlled Parking Zone, and you need to report a vehicle parked across your dropped kerb, or a vehicle obstructing the path, then please call Parking Services on 01908 223505.

If we have the permit holder's telephone number we will call them and ask them to move their vehicle. If not we will write to them and remind them not to park across dropped kerbs within a permit bay. If it is their own dropped kerb, and if they persistently continue to obstruct neighbours' dropped kerbs, then we may withdraw their permit.

Our phone line is available from 8.45am to 5.15pm, Monday to Friday. At all other times, you can leave a a voice message and we will contact the offending permit holder. If there is a vehicle preventing the exit of your driveway outside of these times, you should call the Police using the non-emergency 101 number.

Residential parking schemes

We can only introduce parking schemes in residential areas where commuters (for example, to shopping centres or railway stations) park inconsiderately in residential areas.

So far, we have introduced 12 controlled parking zones in Dacorum.

We cannot introduce parking schemes in areas where a lack of kerbside parking is caused by the number of vehicles owned by residents. We cannot limit the number of cars that a household can own, and we cannot force residents to use their off-street parking.

Controlled Parking Zones are not a solution to all parking problems. In some cases, there isn't a solution that is acceptable to the majority of residents.

A Controlled Parking Zone will not:

  • Guarantee a parking spot near your home or a parking spot at all
  • Prevent all non-permit holders from parking in the zone at all times - some will take the risk, although this is likely to be minimal
  • Provide a Civil Enforcement Officer to be on patrol within the zone at all times
  • Solve the issue of resident vehicle ownership outstripping the kerb capacity to accommodate them
  • Prevent the dropping off and picking up of children going to or from school
  • Be enforced overnight.

In addition, it should not:

  • Impact the local economy - for example, remove all parking opportunities for customers of local retailers, service providers and other businesses.

As we have to provide a safe scheme, inevitably, the amount of kerb capacity available for parking will reduce, particularly around junctions. This is partially offset by the reduction in non-resident parking.

This may require that a complete side of a street has to be "no waiting at any time" to allow free access to emergency vehicles.

Yellow lines apply to all drivers, including residents. Permits cannot be provided for residents to park on yellow lines.

Introducing new parking schemes

Unfortunately, due to the current financial situation, we cannot introduce any new residents’ parking schemes at this time.

We keep a record of the areas in Dacorum that could benefit from the introduction of a residents’ parking scheme. If funding becomes available in the future, the list will be reviewed. If you think that the area you live in should be on the list you should contact your ward councillor

For all other road schemes, such as waiting restrictions to prevent dangerous and obstructive parking, and speed humps, please contact Hertfordshire County Council

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