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Our Parking Service is responsible for enforcing waiting restrictions, processing Penalty Charge Notices, managing and maintaining our 25 car parks and maintaining waiting restriction infrastructure, which is supported by Traffic Regulation Orders.

We can only enforce certain parking restrictions. Before filling out the online form, please read below to see if we are the correct body to look into the problem.

Where we can enforce

  • Parking on a school keep clear area (marked by yellow zig zags)
  • Parking on yellow lines (except disabled blue badge holders who are permitted to park)
  • Parking on the pavement or grass verge adjacent to yellow lines
  • Being parked in a limited waiting bay for longer than permitted (for example, a one-hour maximum stay bay)
  • Bus stop parking (shown with yellow line on the road with no stopping signage)
  • Taxi rank parking by anything other than a Dacorum Borough Council-registered hackney carriage taxi
  • Parking in a loading bay without loading or unloading.

Where we can't enforce

  • Parking on the pavement or verge not adjacent to yellow lines
  • If your driveway is temporarily blocked, you will need to contact the car owner to discuss moving the vehicle.
  • If your car is parked on your driveway, other drivers are not allowed to block you in, or stop you being able to leave your property. Please contact the police by calling 101 to investigate.
  • Abandoned vehicles - if you think a vehicle (car, trailer or caravan) is abandoned, you need to report it to our environmental team.

If you have read the above and believe that we can investigate the problem then please fill in our online form below:

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Details of your enquiry

Please give as much detail as possible - for example: street name, house number, landmark

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