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Dacorum Climate Action Network (Dacorum CAN) brings together local individuals and organisations to ‘think global and act local’.

We understand we can have the biggest impact by working with you and supporting you to reduce your carbon emissions. For this reason, we launched the Dacorum Climate Action Network (CAN) in 2021.

The aim of the network is to bring about meaningful change and provide a platform that will educate, encourage, and enable people to make positive sustainable changes in their lives. These collective actions will help to tackle the Climate and Ecological Emergency by reducing carbon emissions and increasing biodiversity.

Join Dacorum CAN

Dacorum CAN is open to everyone who lives, works and plays in Dacorum and pledges to take positive environmental actions. You can join either as an individual or an organisation (such as schools, community groups, businesses and charities).

By joining the network, you will get regular environmental information and advice via:

  • Quarterly e-newsletter
  • Facebook group
  • Regular events, webinars and courses 
  • Annual conference and networking event

Becoming part of the network is quick, free and easy - simply fill out our short online registration form:

Join as an individual
Join as an organisation

Why join?

  • Receive information and advice about positive environmental actions
  • Stay up to date on local environmental initiatives
  • Discover environmental events in your local area
  • Be inspired by local examples of climate action
  • Collaborate with like-minded local people
  • Discover local groups and initiatives to get involved with
  • Learn about organisations and services that help to achieve positive environmental target

Additional benefits for organisations

  • Amplify the impact of environmental projects and campaigns 
  • Free promotion of environmental events
  • Find volunteers to help support initiatives
  • Discover funding opportunities

Events and initiatives

Dacorum CAN organises several events and initiatives for its members and residents. View some of its past events and initiatives below:

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  • Dacorum CAN annual event 2023

    Dacorum CAN hosted the third annual conference and networking event on Monday 20 November 2023 at The Forum. Residents networked with like-minded individuals and organisations under the banner of "think global and act local".

    The free event was streamed online. View it now on our YouTube channel.

    The focus in 2023 was on "community climate action". The event heard from four speakers:

    • Dacorum Environmental Forum - Stephen Wilson
    • Community Action Dacorum - Simon Aulton
    • Grand Union Community Energy - Sarah Burgess
    • Sustainable Tring - Chris Hopkins and Polly Eaton
  • Dacorum CAN annual event 2022

    More than 130 people attended the Dacorum CAN annual networking event on Thursday 3 November 2022. Twenty local organisations hosted stalls to showcase the work they are doing in the borough. They covered a range of themes including sustainable transport, home energy, biodiversity and sustainable communities.

    The event began with a welcome speech by Claire Hamilton, Chief Executive of Dacorum Borough Council. Throughout the night, the audience heard from eight speakers, including: our Climate Emergency Lead Officer, electric vehicle industry experts, a Wilder Community officer from Hertfordshire and Middlesex Wildlife Trust and a home energy expert. 

    If you would like to watch the event, the videos are available on our YouTube channel: first speaker session and second speaker session

    Attendees to the Forum watching a speaker at the Dacorum CAN annual event in 2022
  • Dacorum CAN annual event 2021

    At the beginning of November 2021 we hosted the first Dacorum CAN annual event, which saw passionate individuals come along to engage with a variety of speakers and stall holders

    Attendees learned about what environmental activities are happening locally and how they can get involved. For example, living more sustainably, reducing emissions at home and volunteering with local projects. Speakers included Council representatives, Affinity Water, Green Community Grant winners, Hertfordshire and Middlesex Wildlife Trust, Affinity Water and Sunnyside Rural Trust.

    Attendees watching a speaker at the Dacorum CAN annual event

  • Water Butt Giveaway

    In March 2023, Dacorum CAN gave away 20 water butts to encourage residents to reduce the amount of water used from the mains water supply and lower their carbon footprint. Benefits of using a water butt include:

    • Rainwater harvesting
    • Save money on water bill
    • Save carbon emissions - water treatment and transportation can be energy intensive
  • Wildflower seed giveaways

    To celebrate Biodiversity Day (22 May), Dacorum CAN gave away thousands of packets of wildflower seeds in 2021 and 2022 to residents and schools. We also ran a primary school competition to win a large insect hotel - complete with planters, compost, flowers and wildflower seeds.

    Learn more about biodiversity and what we are doing to improve it locally. If your organisation is a DCAN member and wants to use wildflower seeds, email us at climate.action@dacorum.gov.uk to request some seeds. Recently we have shared with schools and parish councils.

Act Local - Environmental Volunteering Map

One of the key aims of Dacorum CAN is to encourage people to 'think global and act local.' To that end, we have created an Environmental Volunteering Map to help connect people to local organisations and groups that have volunteering opportunities.

There are a range of different activities to suit different skillsets and interests. All volunteering opportunities are related to activities that either reduce emissions or help to improve biodiversity.

Click the icon on the black bar in the top left-hand corner to view the symbol key. By clicking on each icon on the map you will find more information about each of the group's activities and opportunities, including:

  • Type of volunteer work
  • Requirements
  • When work typically takes place
  • Contact details
  • Website

Contact us

If you have a specific query or have any suggestions about how Dacorum CAN could be improved, please email climate.action@dacorum.gov.uk.

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