We investigate complaints of pollution from neighbouring domestic and commercial premises. We can deal with the following as statutory nuisances under the Environmental Protection Act:

  • Accumulations or deposits (for example, piles of rotting rubbish)
  • Noise or vibration
  • Smoke, fumes or gases from premises
  • Dust, steam or smells from business premises
  • Odours from domestic premises
  • Premises in a poor state
  • Light intrusion from a domestic or commercial premises

Reporting an issue

In the first instance we recommend you discuss the issue with the owner or occupier of the premises. It is possible that they are not aware that it is causing a problem. They may be able to take action to resolve the issue.

You may also report issues to us for further investigation, using our online form:

Report a nuisance

Contact us

Telephone: 01442 228000
Email: ecp@dacorum.gov.uk

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