Adopted Core Strategy 2013

 Contents (PDF 729KB) 
 Chapter 1: Summary of the strategy (PDF 690KB)

Part A - The context

 Chapter 2: Introduction (PDF 270KB)
 Chapter 3: Borough portrait (PDF 225KB)
 Chapter 4: Challenges (PDF 37.9KB)
 Chapter 5: Borough vision (PDF 31KB)
 Chapter 6: Strategic objectives (PDF 33KB)
 Chapter 7: Other plans (PDF 60.8KB) 

Part B - The strategy

The Sustainable Development Strategy

 Chapter 8: Promoting sustainable development (PDF 458KB)
 Chapter 9: Enabling convenient access between homes, jobs and facilities (PDF 47.3KB)
 Chapter 10: Securing quality design (PDF 61.7KB)

Strengthening economic prosperity

 Chapter 11: Creating jobs and full employment (PDF 61.2KB)
 Chapter 12: Providing for offices, industry, storage and distribution (PDF 47.6KB)
 Chapter 13: Supporting retailing development (PDF 63.5KB)

Providing homes and community services

 Chapter 14: Providing homes (PDF 110KB)
 Chapter 15: Meeting community needs (PDF 47.9KB)

Looking after the environment

 Chapter 16: Enhancing the natural environment (PDF 1.12MB)
 Chapter 17: Conserving the historic environment (PDF 31.1KB)
 Chapter 18: Using resources efficiently (PDF 401KB)

Place strategies

 Chapter 19: Introduction to place strategies (PDF 241KB)
 Chapter 20: Hemel Hempstead place strategy (PDF 2.05MB)
 Chapter 21: Berkhamsted place strategy (PDF 672KB)
 Chapter 22: Tring place strategy (PDF 614KB)
 Chapter 23: Kings Langley place strategy (PDF 600KB)
 Chapter 24: Bovingdon place strategy (PDF 442KB)
 Chapter 25: Markyate place strategy (PDF 419KB)
 Chapter 26: Countryside place strategy (PDF 799KB)

Part C - Implementation and delivery

Implementation and delivery

 Chapter 27: Delivery (PDF 345KB)
 Chapter 28: Infrastructure (PDF 36.2KB)
 Chapter 29: Monitoring (PDF 26.6KB)

Part D - Appendices

 Appendix 1: Schedule of superseded policies (PDF 410KB)
 Appendix 2: Housing trajectory - 2006-2031 (PDF 52.1KB)
 Appendix 3: Delivery mechanisms for the vision and strategic objectives (PDF 65.3KB)
 Appendix 4: Glossary (PDF 59.1KB)

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