What is fraud?

Fraud includes, but is not limited to:

  • Housing benefit or Council Tax benefit fraud
  • Renovation grant fraud
  • Housing tenancy fraud
  • Fraud or corruption by employees

If you suspect someone is committing a fraud or other illegal act against us, it is important that you let us know about it. To help us investigate your concerns, please tell us as much factual information as you can.

Reporting suspected fraud

You can raise your concerns or suspicions in confidence about fraud, corruption or other irregularities which are costing us and the taxpayer money.

Report suspected fraud online

Call the confidential fraud hotline: 01442 228291

You can also write to us, marking the envelope private and confidential at:
Corporate Anti-Fraud Manager
Dacorum Borough Council
The Forum
Hemel Hempstead

What happens next?

Although we will investigate every allegation we receive, we can't tell you what happened next.

Unless you give us permission to contact you after making an allegation, you won't have any further contact from our office.

You may submit your information anonymously.

We will conduct investigations into allegations of fraud in a professional manner in accordance with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984, Criminal Procedures and Investigations Act 1998 and any other relevant legislation.

Where necessary, we will work with other government departments such as the Police, Department for Works and Pensions, Home Office, HM Revenues and Customs, law enforcement agencies and other local authorities.

We may refer your allegation to the appropriate department if we believe you have alleged a crime that comes within their jurisdiction.

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