Street Champions

Two boys sat on a fence, facing away from the camera with their litter pickers in the air. They wear hi-vis vests with 'Junior Street Champions' on the back.

About Street Champions

We are committed to making the borough a cleaner, greener and safer place to live. But to do this, we need your help.

The Street Champion network of volunteers act as the eyes and ears of the community. They help improve an area by litter picking, reporting fly-tipping and looking after our local environment. So why not help make Dacorum a better place for all to live and work?

What does being a Street Champion involve?

There is no formal commitment in becoming a volunteer, you can do as much or as little as you like, either in a group or on your own.

  • Litter picking - we will supply you with a kit, which includes a litter picker, gloves, rubbish sacks and a hi-vis bib.
  • Reporting problems - we will provide you with all the information you need to report issues such as dog fouling, fly-tipping and litter.

Why should I become a Street Champion?

  • Lead by example - go litter picking, either on your own or as a group
  • Get things fixed - report issues we are responsible for - either online, by telephone or via email
  • Personal and community pride - feel satisfaction at seeing a problem you have reported solved
  • Go green - get involved in environmental volunteering opportunities.

How to get involved

To register as a Street Champion, please fill out our online form below:

Register now

What some of our Street Champions say

  • "We can all happily share our green spaces but not our litter - bin it or take it home. Let's all help to keep our town and countryside litter free." - Marilyn and Ray
  •  "The rubbish can hurt the animals that live in the wild so put your rubbish in the bin, please!" - George (age 5)
  •  "I'm a disabled single mum. I can't do much but I want my boy to grow up in a clean environment." - Daniela
  • "Litter picking helps the oceans and saves the animals from getting stuck in litter." - Isla (age 7)
  • "Litter picking saves the planet." - Tamsyn (age 6)

Health and safety

In your welcome pack you will find guidance on litter picking, a sample risk assessment for litter picking and a list of safety dos and don’ts. Below is a reminder of what should go in each of the bags you are given when you collect your equipment. Please note: these bags are for litter-picking purposes only.

Orange Dacorum-branded bags 

These are for general rubbish, such as crisp packets, sweet wrappers, cigarette butts and plastic bags. Please put these bags in your grey wheeled bin. You can also leave them beside a Dacorum litter bin for collection. Email with a photo of the location.  

Clear Dacorum-branded bags 

These are for recycling, such as plastic bottles, aluminium cans, dry cardboard and glass bottles. Please empty the contents of these bags into your blue-lidded wheeled bin. You can also leave them beside a Dacorum litter bin for collection. Email with a photo of the location. 

Disposable vapes

Due to the fire risk associated with vapes, do not put them in either bag. Either report them as litter or take them to a recycling centre or a neighbourhood recycling site with a small electrical drop-off facility. Find out more about Recycling Centres.

Gas canisters

Report large gas canisters as fly-tipping.

Drug-related litter

Due to the safety risk, please report drug-related litter, including small nitrous oxide canisters, as litter.

Find out more about  Reporting environmental problems (PDF 2MB).

Contact us

We are here to support Street Champions. For more information, please email

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