Complaints about taxis or private hire vehicles

From time to time, the conduct of a taxi driver, private hire driver or private hire operator may fall below the high standards we expect of our licensees.

If you would like us to investigate a complaint about an incident involving a driver, vehicle or operator, please fill out our online complaint form, below:

Make a complaint

Complaints will be investigated by a licensing enforcement officer, following the principles set out in our licensing enforcement policy, and if substantiated there are a number of different penalties available, ranging from informal warnings to revocation of licences. Following particularly serious complaints where a criminal offence has been committed, we may decide to prosecute an individual, and in these circumstances we may ask complainants to attend court as a witness.

Unfortunately, we cannot open an investigation in response to a verbal complaint.

Lost property

If you believe that you left an item of property in a taxi or private hire vehicle, and you pre-booked your journey, we recommend that you first contact the operator you booked with, as they can check with the driver to see if anything was left in the vehicle, and will often hold property for a short time for you to collect.

Valuable items, such as electronic devices, jewellery, wallets/purses, or official documents, which are left in a taxi or private hire vehicle must be taken by the driver to a police station within 48 hours of finding. The police will no longer accept lower value items, such as clothing, umbrellas or books.

You can contact Hertfordshire Police to report an item of lost property, or to check whether an item has been handed in, using the non-emergency telephone number, 101.

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