How to vote

You must register before you can vote in any UK elections or referendums. There are three different ways you can vote:

  1. In person at an assigned polling station
  2. By post
  3. By proxy (someone votes on your behalf)

Once you are registered to vote, you will receive a poll card confirming the name and address of your polling station. You cannot vote at another polling station. Polling hours for all elections and referendums are from 7am to 10pm.

Poll card

Every registered elector will receive an official poll card. The poll card shows when, where and how to vote. For electors voting in person, the poll card will also include a map showing the location of your polling station. The poll card is for information only but it will save you time if you take it to the polling station and show it to the election staff. If you lose your poll card or forget to bring it to the polling station,  you can still vote without it. Provided you are registered, simply give the poll clerk your name and address.

Find your polling station

You can enter your address/postcode in our polling station finder to find out where you can vote.

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