Licensing fees and charges

Many of the licence types we issue require a fee to be paid, either in connection with the application or for the grant of the licence.

Our fees are set on a cost recovery basis, and in setting them we looked at the costs we incur in processing and issuing licences, taking into account:

  • administration work
  • carrying out pre-grant inspections
  • a proportion of the costs of arranging hearings to determine contentious applications
  • any background checks that have to be undertaken
  • the costs of developing policies for each of these areas
  • any special equipment, materials or resources required
  • where permitted, a proportion of the costs of ensuring compliance by licensed businesses
  • a proportion of the overhead costs incurred by the licensing service.

Licensing fees will be reviewed on an annual basis, unless other developments require an earlier review.

List of fees and charges

Please note that:

  • Application fees are payable at the time of making an application, and are not refundable if the application is subsequently refused
  • Licence fees do not have to be paid until the licence is ready to be issued - if paid earlier, this part of the fee will be refunded if the application is refused

Where both types of fee are payable in connection with a licence application type, it is up to the applicant as to whether they wish to make one payment for the total fee at the time of application, or to pay both fees separately as their application progresses.

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