Property and asset management

We provide a full estates management service for council-owned land and property within the borough. The service manages, values and deals with lettings for council-owned commercial buildings. It can also tell people whether a piece of land is council owned or not.

Our  2016 Asset Management Strategy (PDF 776KB) sets out how we intend to use our property portfolio to support the priorities identified in our Corporate Plan, and how we plan to improve the performance of our assets.

Services include:

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  • Building services

    Runs the building services required to keep commercial council buildings in good condition.
    Other roles include:

    • Building surveying and condition surveys
    • Design and architectural services
    • Mechanical, electrical, heating, ventilation, consultancy services
    • Energy management
    • Project management
    • Budget preparation, management and monitoring
    • Day-to-day repairs to all property, including capital projects as appropriate
    • Operational asset management implementation
    • Procurement, with regard to the use of specialist consultants as and when required
    • General advice on all relevant matters

    If you require repairs or maintenance to your council-owned house, visit the Housing repairs and maintenance page

  • Valuation and estates

    Our valuation service relates to council-owned property only. For privately owned property, a private chartered surveyor’s firm should be contacted. As well as valuations, the Estates team are also responsible for:

    • Management of the Council’s commercial and industrial service, including Woodwells Caravan Park and markets.
    • Valuations and negotiations for all land purchases / disposals, including Right to Buy transactions, relating to DBC property only.
    • Negotiations for all property transactions, tenancies and other landlord and tenant matters relating to DBC General Fund Assets.
    • Advice to the Council, its service areas and other agencies / stakeholders on land and property matters relating to DBC property only.
    • Involvement / implementation in development projects as appropriate.
    • Provision of a comprehensive corporate land terrier and records system.
    • Advice to parish and town councils on land and property matters relating to DBC property only.
    • Affordable housing advice to housing services to allow for planning of council homes.
  • Council-owned land and premises

    We have a comprehensive land terrier system (an ownership map) showing the boundaries of all land owned by us. Also shown are details of all acquisitions and disposals together with leases, lettings, licenses, easements and rights of way. This does not extend to private ownership.

    If you wish to find out if the land near you is council owned, you will need to supply the boundaries of the land and the full postal address. We should be able to tell whether the land is council owned. For a more precise answer, a plan showing the exact boundaries of the land should be submitted by email. This is a free service, and we aim to reply within 10 working days.

    For more information, please email

    If the land is privately owned, please contact the Land Registry website.

  • Property lettings and enquiries
    We currently let a variety of properties. Details of available commercial properties are on our Dacorum properties page. To rent council houses, please visit our Applying for a home page.

Contact us

For more information, please email or call 01442 228000 and ask for the Estates team.

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